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We wish to offer our clients an interesting variety of handcrafted and unique items at various price ranges. You’ll find anything from wooden and iron furniture to small outstanding presents. Wood, iron, stone, marble,silk, nacre- jewellery, statues, lamps and many other rare and beautiful collectors items.

You will above all find at BESTEMAR relaxation from the daily stress; stroll around without pressure - soothing music in the background - and get personal, professional and dedicated advice whenever you wish.

Curious? Come and discover by yourself. We're looking forward to meet you soon.

Steffi, Ben and Marc.

Our products

Bestemar offers to our customers a large selection of furniture and decoration items from Africa and Asia. From umbrella to Teak furniture through silk weaveries, unique jewels, statues and beads, you will fall quickly under the spell of unique collectors items brought back from our exciting trips.

Get away and travel with our furniture and collectors items selected especially for you.

  • Silk jewellery box (India)
  • Soap (India)
  • Wodden plate (Myanmar)
  • Thaï monks (Thailand)
  • Silk lamp (Thailand)
  • Sideboard (India)
  • Wallhanger (Mali)
  • African tissues (Mali)
  • ...


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Saturday from 10AM to 4PM (continuously)

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